Saturday, 22 July 2017

Today workout ( 23 july, 2017 )

Again continuing after a long break of 15 days approx... Yeah a long for a person who do exercise nd pretty long gap for muscle to develop..
Continue workout with regulatory it will help much more on muscle development and become a habit... Which will later make ur body to do workout automatically... It will become need of body.. 

So for today's workout....

First do a warmup...
Attached pic of 4 min warmup

Today's workout ( Astronout )

Involved 6 different exercise which can be seen clearly on image with instructions how much time to perform with rest time..
Try to take rest of 1 min

Another image show what muscles group this workout help with..

It take me approx 15min nd 37 sec to complete this workout

After that when u gain yr breath back nd realaxed do,


Workout help  physically nd meditation mentally.
I have done approx 7 min meditation.. try to do b/w 15 to 20 min...

That's all done for today....
If need some help u can ask anytime..

For more workout click on the link below

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