Thursday, 13 July 2017

just can't stop

This happen  many months before but today also when it comes in mind as a image nd automatically converted in a short clip make me simile.....
I am attending my regular lecture like always nd its our first lecture of day nd sir just enter the class and start the lecture nd after some she enter ...... I just take a look on her as she enter nd I am lost.... ( dont know but today she is looking different , in other words beautiful then other days) ..... I dont know why but everytime I saw her during that lecture I feel diverted nd I just dont know why cant stop my neck to turn towards her.... ( but it feel good ) ..... so like a small child or my childish behavior come out nd to focus I put my hand in side of face to cover my eyesight toward her.... I somehow now cant see her but doing such a thing make feel good nd somewhat idiot too.....
that what happen nd now whenver that clip play on my mind or I think of that short momement I just dont stop it nd just lost on that nd loose all my  problems nd just simile

-- Prateek Kumar agarwal ( thats me ;-) )

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