Thursday, 14 April 2016

DOn't regreat

Whenever anyone want help they can ask dont urself think that why that person is in problem...... it can be like that some other factors affecting there mood so dont make  assumptions by urself.
Dont think of the things that havent occured till now becoz it is not like that which we r making things to go in future will always goes that way so why to give ur mind load of future just enjoy the way life is currently going...whatever happen face it nd why always to think which even doesn't happened till. Whenver u start thinking dont let it take over u becoz when u go in deep nd make it interesting u feel to think more about it so go deep... shake ur mind
Nd even if something happens in present nd u think I can undo it or I can say something else In that time so current stiuation will be different .... just relax u cant change it nd dont regreat for that becoz it may be like that u havent relaize that situation that time becoz of which u havent responsed welll.
Nd If u feel  that it may affect  another dont do that just put ur point and baki sab bad me jaye just dont regreat for that later even if u havent .... but start saying thats what is needed

-- Prateek Kumar agarwal ( thats me ;-) )

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